Our Team

Everbright’s Surveying Team comprises dedicated professionals who are committed to providing superior services to our clients. The Team is headed by Sr Chris Tang to utilize its skillful, expertise, as well as professional knowledge in order to deliver our clients with the most appropriate, timely, well-organized and cost effective solutions.


Self Photos / Files - 1Sr Tang is an experienced professional surveyor in Hong Kong. He started his career with the Hong Kong Government in the Rating & Valuation Department from 1980 and he left the Lands Department as an Estate Surveyor in 1996. Thereafter, he joined the City University of Hong Kong as a Full-time Lecturer up to 2011 and as a Visiting Lecturer with the City University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University teaching General Practice Surveying. In addition, he was also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong teaching subjects in the MSc Programme in Real Estate. Before joining Everbright Surveyors Limited, Sr Tang was a Senior Director of the Valuation and Surveying Department in the Citiland Surveyors Limited.


Work experience of our team members covers the range of surveying work including property valuations for various purposes such as accounting, insurance, litigations, market research, development, variation or modification of Government Lease terms, rates, site surveying, measurements, feasibility study, planning applications, etc.